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Touching with


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Therapeutic Touch is a contemporary form of an energetic therapeutic approach, that demystifies the millennial healing traditions of the laying on of hands.

This approach consists of harmonizing our energy fields at all levels of being (physical, psychological, spiritual), which supports our health, healing and personal development.

It is part of the Integral Process Work approach, which aims at supporting the overall development of our well being, through a psycho-energetic process.


Option 1: 45hrs basic training

  • 3 training sessions of 2 days
  • co-coaching: 6 practices of 1.5 hrs every two weeks

Option 2: 66hrs professional training

  • 3 training sessions of 2 days
  • internship: 12 one-hour practices
  • supervision (5 evenings)
  • co-coaching: 6 practices of 1.5 hrs every two weeks
  • learning synthesis (written work of 3 pages)

* Possibility to attend the first session only


  • Introduction to energy systems and fields;
  • Learn the theory and practice of Therapeutic Touch;
  • Understand and apply the process of energy work, for one’s self and others;
  • Practise and develop the Integral Process Work approach;
  • Integrate the techniques and principles of this approach in our personal and professional lives.


  • Experiential body awareness exercises; focusing, meditation, imagery, intuitive perceptions;
  • Theoretical presentation of the energy approach in therapeutic process work;
  • Demonstration and practice of different techniques and their application;
  • Sharing our learning  through practise sessions ;
  • Co-coaching, practising partner;
  • Client dossier and supervision for the professional option;
  • Case Studies;
  • Integration of this approach and techniques. within our personal and professional lives


  • Enhances deep relaxation, release of stress and anxiety
  • Decreasing pain, augmenting wellbeing
  • Stimulates and supports the process of physical and psychological healing
  • Alleviates physical and emotional tension and suffering
  • As prevention in maintaining physical, psychological and spiritual health


  • Health care professionals such as nurses, massage therapists, naturopaths, psychotherapists, etc. .
  • Anyone who works with a clientele in search of wholistic well-being
  • Anyone looking for a simple and accessible approach to comprehensive health care for our personal and interpersonal needs


Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Dates: 2018

  1. TT1; 20, 21 octobre
  2. TT2; 17, 18 novembre
  3. TT3; 15, 16 décembre

*** Free introductory evening Thursday October 11th at 7pm

Location: Centre SOHA, 961 Rachel Est, Montréal, Québec, H2J 2J4

Supervision:  Tuesday nights every two weeks from October 4th to December 13th

Fees: ** Reduced cost for TT practitioners and volunteers (Palliami and others… 50%)

  • $220 per session
  • $35 per supervision

For information and registration contact

Receipt issued for taxes


  • Professional certificate recognized by professional massage associations
  • Certificate recognized by the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec:

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