Feb 20 2020

An exploratory private session with Integral Process Work (IPW)


An exploratory private session with Integral Process Work (IPW)

 Jean-Marc Girard

author, therapist, trainer of the Integral Process Work (40yrs of experience)


This is a whole person psycho-spiritual approach to health and well being.

It uses a variety of verbal and non-verbal methods such as ;

Psychosynthesis, body-mind work, psycho-energetic work, creative expression, art therapy, and life coaching skills, to help guide the person in their educational and therapeutic process towards wellness.

See video: The Integral Way

Choose from 1 of the 3 options available:

  1. Life assessment: using OH cards

explores the major life issues/themes, highlights the essential elements to increase awareness and understanding, offers counseling and resources to support conscious evolution

  1. Specific individual theme/issue:

identifies a particular theme/issue which you choose to develop, and explores it through your therapeutic process.

  1.  Exploring the approach:

presenting and exploring the Integral Process Work and its different approaches, tools, and resources. 

Fees: introductory offer

$45 for 45 minutes, including taxes (first session)

Additional sessions (option): $90 per hour

for more information, and to book an appointment contact :

Jean-Marc Girard