I present my approach through different themes; in a dynamic and experiential style which invites participation.


With practical tools and exercises

we not only become more aware of ourselves

but we also change the way we see

and live our daily lives

through all dimensions of our being.






Here are several examples of possible topics :

  • Search for meaning and awareness, through our daily challenges;
  • Body intelligence, how our body speaks to us;
  • The joys and challenges of our relationships, authentic communication;
  • Cycles of change, transformational passages, bereavement, death;
  • Intuition, synchronicities, listening to our innate wisdom;
  • The joy of living from our heart, the passion of freeing our creativity;
  • Welcoming the moment, co-creating with what is;
  • Heart, body, mind and soul; towards integration.


* To organize an event in your area, contact me

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