about Jean-Marc

Who am I?

Here are a few words… However, this question remains an evolving mystery to me.

I am a pilgrim on a journey; a lover of life wearing many hats. To help people (as well as myself) to be their true self, closer to themselves; has been my calling since a very young age. My work and teaching style is very experiential, I like to support a process that encourages our own personal discoveries. My passion is to help set free our unique expression, within the concrete reality, as it reveals itself in every moment.

At times the therapist guides us through a more intimate encounter with ourselves so that we may claim ownership of our very own story and integrate it wholeheartedly, all body and soul, into our daily lives in a lively and creative way.

Sometimes the facilitator invites us to explore our budding potential and encourages the release of our richness, an extraordinary part of each of us, which is achieved by the encounter and sharing with one another.

The artist in me likes to play with color, motion, music, rhythm and to laugh encouraging pleasure in learning the new & unknown.

The coach guides and passes down his knowledge, as well as, the tools and resources of an exciting profession that emerges from a unique style born by way of our talents and interests.

The mystic invites us to an intimate and profound journey within our vast interior which is connected to our greater self; an encounter with our core and a humble discovery of the transpersonal.

And among all these hats, he’s simply a traveler who loves mutual sharing and the meaning it brings to life; someone who continues to marvel at the endless possibilities when one lives close to his heart.


Author of The Integral Way, psycho-integral therapist.

Has been training therapists in Integral Process Work for 25 years.
35 years of experience in the field of health and wellness.
Artist, musician, life pilgrim…



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