Integral Process Work

Discover the joy of being your true self;  free, authentic and present




The Integral Way is a psycho-spiritual approach which invites us to acknowledge our compassionate and wise selves; to open to the wholeness of our being and the meaning of our human experience.

By attentively and respectfully listening to oneself, we face our reality more realistically; perceiving, reflecting, questioning, evolving in a better understanding of our current daily life situations and challenges.

The approach helps us identify our life’s main issues, needs, and challenges, offering ways, tools, and resources, which leads us through a transformative and integrative learning process.

Examples of life themes and issues:

* The search for meaning in my daily life
* Who am I? An intimate encounter with oneself
* The overall health and well-being of my body, heart, mind, and soul
* Nurturing my relationships and establishing authentic communication
* Cycles of change, mourning, death, renewal
* Vitality and creativity in the work environment, dealing with crisis, stress, and burnout
* The inner journey, connecting to soul, to our oneness with all life

This approach taps into our conscious and subconscious minds by means of…

* The verbal: expressing, authentic sharing, centered in the truth of the moment
* The nonverbal: space, silence, intuitive language, energy work, presence
* The body: touch, bodywork, perceptions, sensations, body language, movement, expression
* Affectivity: expressing feelings, emotions connected to our personal and interpersonal daily life experiences
* Guided imagery: visualization, symbolic expression, dreams
* Creativity: encouraging creative expression through many forms of artistic activities and projects
* Soul work: discovering our inner depth, our connection to the whole, our transpersonal dimensions


  • Weekly sessions during a period of 3 months for a total of 12 sessions. The possibility of additional sessions can be discussed subsequently.
  • The approach includes an important educational section comprised of small group sessions. You can alternate weekly between the individual and group sessions.
  • Sharing in subgroups outside the regular sessions is also encouraged since it helps integrate the tools and resources presented during the class and has often led to lifetime friendships and creative support systems.
  • For those who wish to further explore particular individual issues, it is possible to follow-up with periodic short-term sessions.
  • The approach also provides recommendations and references in a ‘coaching’ style of session, for those who wish to assess their personal life circumstances

Individual telephone consultations available at 514-680-4970 (Montreal) and 941-260-7424 (Sarasota, Florida)
or through Skype at username:  jean-marc girard

Consultation fee: $80 per hour (negotiable, if necessary)
Group therapy: $35 per 2-hour session
Insurance and income tax receipts provided





 Exploratory session

   A way of experiencing

   Integral Process Work

   by means of a private session



with Jean-Marc Girard

author and training director of the Integral Process Work


Choose from 1 of the 3 options available:

1.    Life assessment:

explores the major life issues/themes, highlights the essential elements to increase awareness and understanding, offers counseling and resources to support conscious evolution

2.   Specific individual theme/issue:

identifies a particular theme/issue which you choose to develop, and explores it through your therapeutic process.

3.  Exploring the approach:

presenting and exploring the Integral Process Work and its different approaches, tools, and resources. 


$45 for 45 minutes including taxes (first session)

Additional sessions (option): $80 per hour

**Personal reflection questionnaire: to be completed before the first session

Download PDF: Reflection Questionnaire

For additional information or to make an appointment, please contact Jean-Marc Girard at

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