What is the Integral Way?


The Integral Way 

Becoming All That We Are



The Integral Way is a bio-psycho-spiritual approach, which supports a person through their own evolutionary process of awakening and transformation of consciousness.

It is also a fundamental philosophy, a way of understanding life, its purpose and the values by which we live our daily lives. By becoming more aware of our bodies, of our innate intelligence, of our possibilities, allows us to discover our limitless creativity and live a fuller, richer, more fulling life .

The essence of this approach states that when body, heart, mind and soul are united and integrated within our true selves, the awakened awareness of well-being, health and joy, naturally manifests in our lives.

This approach guides us through an evolutionary process which leads to the transformation of our own consciousness. It invites us to become more present to the wholness of our being, to who we really are; opening us to the meaning and purpose of our lives. We become more fulfilled and authentic in our relationships, which allows us to connect more deeply to our intuitive wisdom, leading us to more creative, meaningful lives. This great human adventure asks each of us the following fundamental question: “Who am I?”

Jean-Marc Girard has been a psycho-spiritual teacher for 35 years and has been training therapists for the past 25 years. He is an integral therapist himself, as well as, a massage therapist, an author and a coach.

A skilled communicator, he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge through a variety of experiential approaches. He is the author of the book “The Integral Way – Becoming All That We Are” which is a general introduction to the Integral approach and also serves as a reference manual for therapists.

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