Feb 17 2015

Introductory workshop to personal and professional training in Integral Process Work


A new personal and professional

training program

in Integral Process Work

For those who already have some experience in the field of personal development and seek to be trained in a body-mind, creative, integral approach.




  • To guide and supervise a process of self-development, of personalized training, that helps the person to identify and develop their own needs, interests, and talents in the field of integral human development.
  • To explore and practice several approaches, tools, and techniques, which supports each person to develop their own style of accompaniment.
  • To integrate these skills in a career: therapist, consultant, coach, facilitator and/or trainer in the Integral Way.

Approaches, techniques, tools and resources:

  • The Integral Way: integral models, approaches and process work
  • Integral Process Work
  • Life coaching & evaluation: relationships, career choices, environment, social activities, leisure, life projects
  • Bodywork: body awareness, intuitive touch, massage, posture, free authentic movement, conscious breathing
  • Global health assessment
  • Body mind exercises
  • Energy work approaches and techniques
  • Projects: creativity, vocation, and social action
  • Psycho-spiritual, transpersonal approach
  • Creative expression: music, dance, art, writing, games, sports, leisure …..
  • Facilitation of small groups (3-4 people)
  • Co-coaching partner, coaching, and supervision
  • Evaluation, assessment during training
  • Notes, manual, workbook, journal, bibliography, videos, cassettes, CDs, Websites

Admission procedure:

– Complete the registration form

– Submit two letters of recommendation

– Evaluation interview: interview and administration fees


Certification: Training recognized by the RITMA association:

Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives

Professional Association of  Therapists and  Complementary Healthcare Professionals

contact: RITMA, www.ritma.ca

Introductory Workshop:

for the professional training program in Integral Process Work

dates: (dates and location to be determined in Sarasota)

  1. Personal and professional training in Therapeutic Touch, TT1; 2, 3 May
  2. Body-mind and psycho-energetic approaches applied to Integral Process Work, 6, 7 June


* Training in ” Therapeutic Touch ” and/or ”  Opening to our intuition ” can be taken as an introduction to the professional training ( hours are added to the training) *

receipt issued for taxes


For information, registration, schedule, syllabus, contact Jean-Marc Girard