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Becoming All That We Are


Price: $20.00

shipping in Canada-add 6$ for shipping fee

A few words of introduction

More details about the book…

excerpts from the book

Integral Consciousness

Audio CD

Jean-Marc Girard

CD includes Guided Relaxation Exercises

Price: $15.00

Shipped in Canada only – add $5 shipping fee to your order

3 Guided Exercises (70.55 minutes in total)

Play 1 minute excerpt :

1. Integral Consciousness: inner space, being with self (20.07)

2. Physical Relaxation: release, receive, breathe (27.40)

3. Conscious Breathing: breath of life (23.08)

Each exercise includes a 1 minute introduction.

Download CD in MP3 Digital Format (.ZIP): 

Price: $10.00

Download each exercise individually. Price = $4.00 each:

* For all downloads, you will be guided to the download page after payment.

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