Jul 09 2019

The 44th Annual International Conference SSF-IIIHS – Concert and Conference

The 44th Annual International Conference SSF-IIIHS
“The next step, earth as in heaven,”
from August 16 to 25, 2019, the event where science and spirituality meet


All creation is interconnected and guided by a universal and invisible field of information.

Our evolving scientific quantum nature is just one example of the creativity that manifests itself in all areas of our lives.

When humanity integrates the spiritual with the scientific, harmony and peace are at hand. It is time to act and feel the divine love, the fabric of all existence, and to live for the good of all.

I’ll offer a concert at this conference on Friday,
August 16 from 10pm to 11pm
Celebrate the next step together


We live in a time of great challenges of all kinds, it is a time to come together to face the tendencies of fear, isolation and protection.

This time of great change calls us to a greater vision of our relationship with oneself, the other, the world, the earth, life ……
I invite you to a beautiful meeting in music and poems,
with original compositions to put our dreams in action

I also offer a workshop at this conference on Friday,
August 23 from 8pm to 10pm
THE INTEGRAL WAY: spirituality in action


We will explore our multidimensional being and the many ways in which we are bound to all life.

Connect with our innate universal intelligence, the pulsating life force that calls us to realize, express and manifest the beauty and purpose of our own unique gifts, and to bring them into the world.


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