May 14 2014

The way of love

The way of love
Oh love! It is good to banter with you
Waves of pleasure running through my blood
In a wonderful abandon, the heart laughs
Being bright, free and open
Is it perhaps really my life now
It seems dangerous
Allow such passion
I consume
Yes, I consume
And only love will remain
so foolish
Not very serious
The way of love

Every look, every gesture
Affect their presence with life
The response is immediate
Drop into water
Undulating dance laughter
Endless waves
Celebrating the union
She said: “ask”
You only have to ask with love
The universe responds to love
Yes, that is the key secret
Love, not mine or yours
But the love which is the home
All that is
Every living
Dance in an open heart
Request love, for love,
to love
And all meet in love