Apr 27 2018

Therapeutic supervision

Therapeutic supervision










These supervisions of therapeutic practice, are for those already in professional practice and / or training (internships) in a therapeutic approach; massage, body-mind, psycho-energetic and / or whole life counseling, coaching, etc.

Each person presents his client file; a specific case, the approaches and interventions, techniques used, and the effects observed. The supervisor intervenes to help the therapeutic process, both for the therapist’s training and for the clients therapeutic support.

A dynamic learning exchange is created between the participants, rich sharing of our experiences of practice, our personal professional styles and learning.

Here are the elements of the supervision :

how to prepare your client dossier before the session

  • customer presentation,
  • priority of needs identified,
  • the intervention, the process; approach, techniques, resources, etc.
  • your perceptions and understanding, customer experience,
  • the results, the effects
  • your experience, your learning, abilities, challenges as a guide,
  • questions to ask,
  • feedback from the supervisor and trainees
  • suggestions, therapeutic direction

Supervisor: Jean-Marc Girard

Author of the Integral Way, psycho-integral therapist
Director of the Integral Center since 1988
Integral Process Work trainer

Dates: Wednesday evening every two weeks, from May 1 to 8 July, 7 to 10 pm

Location: Centre SOHA, 961 Rachel East, Montreal, Quebec, H2J 2J4

Cost: $ 35 per session

For any information, registration, contact:
Jean-Marc Girard
mailto: info@jeanmarcgirard.com