Oct 22 2015

Traveling south

Looking to travel south : January through March 2016


Hello, my name is  Jean-Marc Girard,

I am an author, a teacher, a therapist in a body-mind, psycho-spiritual approach that I have developed through the past 35yrs, called the Integral Way.

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I’m in Montreal, Canada presently, and in the process of looking for a place to stay during the months of January through March 2016. Ideally, I would love to find either a house sitting opportunity or a compatible roommate who is looking to share their space for that time period or for some of it.

My preference would be to find lodging in the warmer part of California, hopefully a bike ride from a beach, lake or natural parkland, in or close to a town or city where I can offer my training courses and professional therapeutic services.

One of my main objectives is to write; manuals for my training programs, courses on line through my website, translate my book from french to english, etc.

I would love to meet and exchange ideas, projects, services with like-minded people, to learn and grow through mutual action. To share with a larger community of creative visionaries that enjoy working together to serve the needs of our daily human lives and that of our evolving globale consciousness.

I’m open to some form of work exchange, I’m a massage therapist, energy balancing practitioner, a psychotherapist in an integral approach. I train and supervise therapists in a body-mind psychotherapeutic approach

I am a writer, a poet, storyteller, musician, songwriter (bilingual french-english). I love to share music in a open, creative, live, participatory setting.

I love working with my hands, I’ve built homes, renovation projects, gardening, caring for animals, cleaning, painting, etc.

And of course I ‘m willing to pay for my fair share of expenses with my limited income during this time.

So, I would greatly appreciate any information that would be helpful in my search.

Thank you for your help and I’m looking forward to meeting and/or networking with you.

You can reach me at :

Jean-Marc Girard

2670 Laurier est apt.6

Montreal, Quebec

Canada, H1Y 1Y6