A few testimonials of people’s experience with the Integral Way

Manon Lecompte
Integral Counseling therapist

The Integral Way is not just an approche in personal growth, but rather an art in living our personal and professional live’s. By living my full potential, with my own qualities of being, I bring out the best of myself in accompanying another on their own life journey.

Alain Richard
Chairman, CEO, Becoming a Pilot Inc.

With the Integral Way, I discovered a more intimate realitionship with myself, which was previously unknown to me. Now, I listen more to what I feel and it allows me to stay truer with myself and others. Much appreciation for this approach which shows me a way to continue to discover myself as I am, as a father, as a husband and as a business director.

Fernande Trudeau
Therapist and trainer in Integral Counseling, nurse, massage therapist

The Integral Way has helped me to discover the wise woman who lives within me.  Inviting me to embody my soul, my psyche and my body, allowing me to be more humane in my relationships with others and the universe.
I am more aware of the love that resides within me and freer to share it in my personal and professional life.

Colette Paradis
Nurse, Regional Director of the Montérégie healthcare department

I feel very privileged to have been trained in Therapeutic Touch as well as in Integral Counseling. This training came at important stage in my life, where I was able to deepen my self awareness and support my personal growth in the many demensions of my being.
What impresses me most, is that after so many years, these teachings and realisations, are now an integral part of my personal and professional life.

Line Joanisse
Massage therapist, Integral Counseling therapist

Training in Integral Counseling has helped me to discover who I am. To deepen my understanding of myself and life, while learning to recognize and appreciate myself in what I do and who I am. Today I see life differently, I welcome more whole heartedly each present moment. This training has helped to give me more confidence in myself, in creating new relationships, a new career in a field of work that I love.

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