May 14 2014

Our inner well-being

Our inner well-being.
Taking care of our inner well-being.
Peace of mind, body and soul.
There is no grander work.
Everything else follows.

The tendency to judge, to doubt, undermines the clarity of being, an existential anxiety that accompanies this chronic habit, sabotages any hope of happiness and well-being, the internal stress of not being “enough”, of not doing enough, accumulates in intense continuing pressure, always demanding more and more. We become slaves of our destructive projection scenarios of fear, doubt, judgment and shame.

The forgiveness of our flaws is the only way to salvation, loving ourself, now as we are, unconditionally, will lead us to well-being. Yes, there is work to do, things to change, to learn, we must not remain in the suffering of ignorance and self-condemnation.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than to open to the limitless love that is there for us. Now, in this moment and in every moment.

Jean- Marc Girard: The Integral Way